MRSi 2024: The Music of Life - June 5-8, The Drake, Chicago

MRSi 20224 Attendee Information

Attendee Information

Welcome to the Midwest Reproductive Symposium international conference. Our three day conference brings together the best and brightest in IVF, from around the world. Each day is filled with keynotes, workshops, exhibits and of course, great evening events for networking. . . among other things!

MRSi is specifically designed to be a more intimate approach to a conference. What does that mean for you? Direct access to experts leading the way in IVF, exposure to the latest technologies and techniques and the opportunity to speak one-on-one with the experts. And, in that MRSi continues to support, mentors and encourage REI Fellows, the conference is also an opportunity to reach back and pull forward young talent destined to change the industry.

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MRSi Attendees

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This year's CEO Summit speaker is Oscar Munoz the former CEO of United Airlines. To celebrate, United Airlines has graciously provided a discount code for travel to Chicago between June 2-11, 2024. Use discount code: ZPQG620700 to save. You must book through the United Airlines website to use this code.

Conference Rates for Attendees

Fellows & Residents are those currently in a fellowship or residency regardless of their credential. Fellows & Residents can also apply for a scholarship which covers transportation, accommodations, and registration fees. You do not need to submit an abstract to apply for a scholarship but it is highly encouraged.

Physicians are those that are NOT in a fellowship or residency AND who have an MD credential.

Lab, Nurse, & Allied Professionals are those that do not qualify as Fellows & Residents or Physicians. Everybody else!

You will have the opportunity to join as a member and receive the membership discount during the registration process.

Registration Type Early Bird
(Until January 1 , 2024)
(Until May 13 , 2024)
(After May 13 , 2024)
In Person Rates
Physician Non-Member - In Person $900.00 $1,050.00 $1,200.00
Physician Member - In Person $525.00 $775.00 $1,025.00
Lab, Nurse, & Allied Professional Non-Member - In Person $560.00 $655.00 $750.00
Lab, Nurse, & Allied Professional Member - In Person $265.00 $460.00 $655.00
Fellows & Resident Non-Member - In Person $300.00 $375.00 $425.00
Fellows & Resident Member - In Person $225.00 $350.00 $400.00
Virtual Rates
Physician Non-Member - Virtual $625.00 $775.00 $775.00
Physician Member - Virtual $425.00 $575.00 $575.00
Lab, Nurse, & Allied Professional Non-Member - Virtual $400.00 $560.00 $560.00
Lab, Nurse, & Allied Professional Member - Virtual $105.00 $365.00 $365.00
Fellows & Resident Non-Member - Virtual $200.00 $300.00 $300.00
Fellows & Resident Member - Virtual $175.00 $275.00 $275.00

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Guest Passes

We welcome attendees and faculty to bring family and friends to MRSi. Guest passes may be purchased during registration online or in person at the meeting. Registered guests are allowed to enjoy all social events including cocktail receptions, breakfast and lunch.

Additional Information

All Sales Final

At MRSi, we're committed to providing exceptional in-person medical education experiences. Please note that once a registration is completed for our programs, refunds cannot be issued. We encourage you to review course details carefully before purchasing. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to welcoming you to our educational events. Thank you for choosing MRSi for your medical education needs.

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