Dear REI Fellows & OB/Gyn Residents,

We cordially invite you to attend the 3rd written Reproductive Endocrinology Board Review Course to be held in person and virtually, during the week of MRSi 2022, June 8th-11th.  The review course will take place on Monday, June 6th through 8th, 2022. This review course is an opportunity for 3rd year fellows to solidify and reinforce knowledge obtained during their fellowship just prior to sitting for the exam. First and second year fellows are also encouraged to attend and use the review course as a foundation to build upon as they progress through their fellowship. This course will also be incredibly valuable for residents who are studying for CREOGs and in particular those who are interested in pursuing an REI fellowship. Also, this course is great for any practicing physician as a refresher on some of the foundations of REI medicine. 

Experts in the field of reproductive medicine will lead lectures and interactive sessions covering a variety of topics. There will also be an opportunity for fellows to ask questions on any topic they wish to discuss in more detail, followed by critical tips for preparation leading up to and on the day of the exam. Every attendee will be able to access the PowerPoint slides for all the lectures before the course begins, and video recordings of the lectures will be uploaded in your MRSi profile at the end of the conference.  

Board Review Course Details

Ticket Pricing: $379


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