Embryology Hands On Workshop

Think YOU can do ICSI? What about a biopsy, oocyte and embryo vitrification and warming in real-time?? If you have wondered what's involved in micro-surgery of single cells and embryos, something performed daily your IVF lab, then this is the workshop for you.

Step into our laboratory…

Walk through hands-on stations directed by experts in assisted reproductive technology. This workshop will answer your questions through this tactile experience with active direction and guidance. Doing is learning and your experience will inform you in ways that will better prepare you to help your patients to understand the assisted reproduction techniques prescribed in their treatments.. This workshop will feature opportunities to learn how oocytes and embryos are handled in the lab; how culture plates are labeled and prepared and how intact chain of custody by “witnessing” is achieved. The loading of embryo transfer catheters will also be highlighted and will reinforce this critical step in the clinical procedure.

This singular opportunity will be directed by:

Dr. Kathy Miller, Chair
Dr. Kathryn Go, Co-Chair
Dr. Kristen Ivani
Dr. Abeer Sahlia

This is a perfect opportunity for junior embryologists, lab scientist, Fellows, surgeons, a nurse or team member. Frankly, anyone who wants to learn more about and understand cutting edge IVF lab techniques should attend.

This event is sponsored by:

Cooper Surgical
Hamilton Thorne
Fuji Film/Irvine Scientific
Ferring Pharmaceuticals 

Snacks and beverages included.

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