Ovation Fertility

Ovation Fertility is different than your average stand-alone IVF lab because we practice “collaborative medicine”. As a collection of independently-thinking IVF and genetics labs that share research, experience and best practices, the depth of knowledge supporting the care provided by Ovation Fertility and its affiliated physicians is fundamentally greater. Our integrated platform provides our patients with unique IVF solutions based on the collective knowledge of our 70+ scientists and physicians, rather than on the opinion of one or two well-intentioned individuals working at a local lab.

Our collaborative approach make sense. Working as a cohesive team, Ovation Fertility’s scientists produce more research, generate more experience and therefore have greater insight into what works and what does not. In the end, the data shows, our scientists and clinicians achieve better outcomes and deliver fewer twins and triplets than the vast majority of independent providers. In essence, what Ovation Fertility delivers is value – in the form of fewer cycles and more singleton live births.
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