Alejandra Jones

Alejandra Jones, a distinguished Revenue Cycle Director with over 22 years in healthcare specializing in fertility, approaches treatment cost discussions with compassion and empathy. As the former Director of Revenue Cycle at Kindbody, she not only demonstrates expertise in corporate financial objectives but also prioritizes understanding and empathy. Leading a team of 120+ billing specialists, Alejandra introduced innovative programs like IVF Financial Navigation to enhance the financial journey for those seeking fertility treatments. Her focus is on maximizing profitability while prioritizing the well-being and comfort of patients. With a strategic mindset developed during her tenure as Associate Director at Vios Fertility Institute, her compassionate approach is evident in financial counseling, performance metrics, and accurate billing of IVF services. Currently the owner of Fertility RCM Solutions, Alejandra utilizes her vast experience to share unique insights on revenue cycle management, financial navigation, and strategic leadership with statewide fertility organizations, always emphasizing the human experience in the dynamic healthcare landscape.