The Golden Touch: The Next 20 Years - 6th Annual CEO Summit

Date Thursday, June 9, 2022
Time 6:00pm - 9:00pm CST
Location Gold Coast
Sponsor Sponsored by:
TMRW Life Sciences
Tara Comonte
Gemma Postlethwaite
Yoko Miyashita

6th Annual CEO Summit - The Golden Touch: Preparing for an Era of Innovation - The Next 20 Years

This exclusive event draws all the movers and shakers together to bring to light innovation, trends and predictions for the next 20 years. This year, 3 female CEOs, Tara Comonte, CEO TMRW Life Sciences, Gemma Postlewaite, CEO Arizent, and Yoko Miyashita, CEO of Leafly. This is a powerhouse, not to be missed event.

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