Rhapsody in Blue: The 8th Annual CEO Summit With Oscar Munoz

Oscar Munoz

What could the airline industry and reproductive medicine have in common? Surprisingly, quite a bit.

Consider this: You have just left a very successful position with CSX, a leading railway carrier and joined United Airlines as their CEO. United, having recently merged with Continental Airlines, has no heart, no passion and sadly no profits. You head on a listening tour, recognize the need to empower employees and 30 some days into your tenure, you have a heart attack, need a heart transplant and in an ironic twist, must resuscitate the heart of United Airlines.

You are Oscar Munoz, immigrant, father, husband, author, marathon runner, vegan, heart transplant recipient, survivor and world renowned business executive who turned around United Airlines.

Join us Thursday, June 6, 2024 6:30PM-9:30PM for the CEO Summit and hear from Oscar Munoz, former CEO of United Airlines. Learn how under unimaginable challenges Oscar, as he prefers to be called, not only built success, he built sustainable success. The key to his success? Employees, empowerment and trust.

Single tickets: $250
Tables of 10: $2,200
Tables of ten are available at Coordinators@mrsimeeting.org  

Oscar Munoz has penned an engaging book about his experience. With the purchase of a ticket, you will receive Turnaround Time: Uniting an airline and its employees in the Friendly Skies.